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The present being

Beautiful life!!!! I’m in love; life is good with me. I have such a gorgeous little family. An old cycle is closing and a new one is opening. I feel the good energy… Continue reading


Om padme mani hum This is a spiritual weekend. Here in Costa Rica, August, 2th is the day of:”Virgen de los Angeles”. We live several traditional spiritual activities. One of them is that… Continue reading

1st Etsy sale!!!! :D!

Hi! I know it’s been a while, I’ve been in so much things that change who I am, that I couldn’t write. Now I’ve digest the majority of the things, and coming back… Continue reading


Hi! Today I´m feeling the consequences of a relaxed past week. I had the wonderful idea of take it easy, which I enjoyed a lot!!!!! I had a bunch of lobby, wine, cocktail… Continue reading

Oms, more little oms

Hi!!!! Last week got a call: the store that have my little oms, sold all of them :D! So they asked me for more, here the picture of lost wax casted tree I… Continue reading


Hello!!! I did the first piece with the Om’s :D! Is kind of a curvy, feminine, layered big piece!!! I think I might be working them as this: curvy figures, dots, little spheres… Continue reading

Om’s on the way!

Om’s on the way!

Hello! YEY!!! My om’s are on the way now! Made the “casting tree” on thursday and now they are waiting inside the plaster to be cast! :D! There are a lot of them,… Continue reading

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