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Inheritable jewelry

Jewelry is beautiful, and life is too short to use ugly jewelry; as I read one of this days. I believe in heritable jewelry, that legacy or object you can transmit from generation… Continue reading

Mother´s Day

Hi! This past Friday it was Mother’s Day here in Costa Rica. Even though the preparation was chaotic; it was a wonderful day. Why chaotic? Well… a lot of people wanted their custom… Continue reading

Comfort Zone

Hi! Anything worth doing is outside of your comfort zone… those words have so much meaning. Sometimes we are afraid of doing things just because we are quietly relax in our life. Right… Continue reading


Happy end of February and beginning of March to everyone!!!! Time flies away… I will try to make the most of this few days before heading back to work. Playing with Lía at… Continue reading

Little flower

Working/playing with wax :)!!!! Love this amorphous organic flowers. They remind that everything in nature is just perfect, we just have to let the universe flow by its own rhythm. live.love.breath

Little birdies

Hi! One step at the time, this past days have been so busy!!! Running from here to there,… working,.., more running,.. that my workshop has been on hold for a little bit. I… Continue reading

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