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Simple Yet A Statement: Minimal Earrings Handcrafted In Costa Rica By Elha

Hi! This are my favorite, this are so comfortable and yet a big statement to stand out at any crowd. They are perfect for a glamorous evening, a date night, or even a… Continue reading

New Collection: Foot Prints. Handcrafted Jewelry From Elha Joyería From Costa Rica, An Emotional And Consciousness Collection.

Photo Asulprusia Photo Asulprusia | MUA Wanderlust Photo Asulprusia | MUA Wanderlust Photo Asulprusia | MUA Wanderlust Photo Asulprusia | MUA Wanderlust Photo Asulprusia We all leave a track in the Earth through… Continue reading

Little People, New Handcrafted Jewelry Collection By Elha, From Costa Rica To The World

Hi! Little People is Elha´s  latest handcrafted jewelry collection. Is all about us. It was developed thinking in humanity; we are all humans beings even though we have differences. We have different living… Continue reading

Because Ear Cuffs Can Be Unique, Handcrafted Ear Cuff For A Happy Hour Afternoon

Hi! Do you want a one of a kind ear cuff? This ear cuff was handcrafted in Costa Rica by Elha Joyeria for a special guy. He wanted something unique and spiffy (as… Continue reading

Three Weeks Later, Running a Handcrafted Jewelry Business and Being a Mom

Three weeks later, of course, I´m still a Mom (hopefully that will be forever and ever) and Ï´m still running my Elha Handcrafted Jewelry Bussiness. But, today I feel more calm, having some… Continue reading

Being a Mom & Running a Handcrafted Jewelry Business from Costa Rica

Hi! I´m so happy to be a mom of such a wonderful little one! I´m so happy of having my own little entrepreneurship. Both of them are such big adventures! And I´m seeing… Continue reading

Sophisticated Timeless Luxe, Elha´s Handcrafted Jewelry from Costa Rica

Inspire by Natures Organic Geometry, Elha makes sophisticated timeless luxe. Rings, rings, rings, always great companions. This weekend you can think in purple amethyst rings with a hint of a turquoise ring to… Continue reading

Elha´s Handcrafted Jewelry as a Souvenir from Costa Rica

Hi! Many people come to Costa Rica for vacations. It is a beautiful small country in Cental America. We have many National Parks you can visit, with tropical forests, beaches, mountains, volcanoes,… and… Continue reading

Be Nice 2017

Hi! First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish you all a wonderful new journey on this 2017. A new Gregorian cycle begins with ups and downs, hopefully more ups than downs. Lets… Continue reading

Christmas Delight with my Handcrafted Jewelry | Elha

Hi! It smells like Christmas, it feels like Christmas; we are in Christmas! I love the happiness people live in Christmas. The music is so joyful. The meetings with friends and family spreads… Continue reading

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