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Bespoke: Knitting Love By Elha, Costa Rica.

Hi! I´m going to start a section of Bespoke Jewels by Elha. Bespoke -past of bespeak– that means: Goods Made To Order. The brand have its own Jewels for sale, but it also… Continue reading


    W E L C O M E  D E C E M B E R!!!!! With December, L O V E came by! This time of the year is so joyful.… Continue reading

White deer

Good night! Here in paradise even though is 6:28 pm, we are already in a dark night mood. A few days ago finish this engagement ring. It is a white gold ring with… Continue reading

The R I N G

Hi! At last one of the engagement rings I’ve worked. This has the infinite love written all around it. This wonderful patient guy gave this beautiful white gold with 3 little good quality… Continue reading

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