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Slow Motion

  Coffee at the working table!!! On the past days read an article that was written about: When did busy-ness became fashionable? Now a days, when we talked to someone who is working… Continue reading

S A L E ! ! ! ! !


  ME, YOU, EVERYONE… do all things with love. And smile! live.love.breath Photo @Leo Carvajal


Life… what is life? How can anybody define what is it. The only thing you know is that somehow it starts and somehow it ends. Once I read a proverb that said: “Only… Continue reading

Gold the new Black


Day Dreaming

Hi! Sometimes I feel like my dreams pass me by the side saying: “Hello!” and “Good bye!” Time goes so fast this days!!!!! Looking to the sky and imaging what it would be,… Continue reading

Monteverde Collective Exhibition

Last Saturday I participated in a collective exhibition at the “Hotel Belmar” in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Here some pictures of the night process. The people of Monteverde loved it and we got so… Continue reading

Pearl Necklace


1st Etsy sale!!!! :D!

Hi! I know it’s been a while, I’ve been in so much things that change who I am, that I couldn’t write. Now I’ve digest the majority of the things, and coming back… Continue reading


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