Hello!!! I did the first piece with the Om’s :D! Is kind of a curvy, feminine, layered big piece!!! I think I might be working them as this: curvy figures, dots, little spheres… Continue reading

Burle Marx

“The principle of inner necessity must precede a work of art”

Wild lot inspiration

In the morning we had to go to a lot for a site inspection. There, a family is going to build some houses, but before they built anything I wanted to take some… Continue reading

Om’s on the way!

Om’s on the way!

Hello! YEY!!! My om’s are on the way now! Made the “casting tree” on thursday and now they are waiting inside the plaster to be cast! :D! There are a lot of them,… Continue reading

Rustic Inspiration

One of days at a landscaping house inspection, we had the most beautiful bright sun up in the sky, as you can see in the pictures. I love taking pictures of rustic materials… Continue reading

Life is better w/ friends

Just a little thought of the things that are important on December! I love spending time and laughing with my friends!!!! Yesterday I had my first Tamal (a Costa Rican/Latinamerican dish). Hopefully this… Continue reading

1st of December

WEEEEEEEEEEEEE, today is 1st of December :D! Merry Christmas, officially we are on Christmas, as friend told me. Today I wish everybody: Love, Peace, Health, Happiness,…. and lots of  joyful moments on this… Continue reading


My roses on a friend´s hand! That makes me happy, really happy! Thank you Ani for loving this and using it!!!!!!!

Food vrs Jewelry?????

Collective Exhibition tomorrow!!!! running,…………………………….. “Como para comérselas” Jewelry vrs Food???? What do you think???? How can you mingle food and jewelry?????  

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