The Way It Feels, The Way It Makes You Feel: When You Wear Elha You Feel Good. Sterling Silver Jewelry Handmade In Costa Rica

Beautiful Eli, so confident about herself. Photo credits: Asulprusia and Eliechemendia. Being a women in Latin-America can be harsh. To be confident and empowered, you have to be strong. Lately in Costa Rica… Continue reading

Simple Yet A Statement: Minimal Earrings Handcrafted In Costa Rica By Elha

Hi! This are my favorite, this are so comfortable and yet a big statement to stand out at any crowd. They are perfect for a glamorous evening, a date night, or even a… Continue reading

You, Glamorous. Chandelier Sterling Silver Statement Earrings Handmade By Elha; From Costa Rica To The World

Hi! I always love big earrings, but I can´t stand their weight most of the times. Since last year I have being trying to do some statement earrings but light weighted and comfortable… Continue reading

The Essentials: Long Simple Earrings; Lines Collection Handcrafted By Elha In Costa Rica

  Hi! Lines Collection is about the artistic ability to create beautiful drawings and paintings using lines. With one or two lines strokes they can create graceful pictures, a figurative drawing or even… Continue reading

Happy Father´s Day!

Hi! Father´s Day, a day to celebrate fatherhood, paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. Yesterday, we, as a family celebrated Father´s Day. I am lucky enough to have a great… Continue reading

World Environment Day, Thoughts & Balance For My Handcrafted Jewelry Brand From Costa Rica

Hi! To be sustainable is to be trendy. But for Elha Joyería and me, Daniella Baltodano; to be sustainable has to be a way of life. It is not just in my decision… Continue reading

Bespoke: Knitting Love By Elha, Costa Rica.

Hi! I´m going to start a section of Bespoke Jewels by Elha. Bespoke -past of bespeak– that means: Goods Made To Order. The brand have its own Jewels for sale, but it also… Continue reading

Time Flies When You Are Busy Running Your Small Handcrafted Jewelry Business

Me. Photo by Laura Pardo Photography.   After a long while, I have the time and motivation to write here. It has happened a lot since last time I wrote. First of all,… Continue reading

Elha Joyería At The Mercedes Benz Fashion Week San José, Costa Rica. Handcrafted Jewelry In A Cat Walk.

Photo Muss Muss Clothing Photo Me begin the scenes. Photo Urbanbonescr Photo Backstage with Amethyst Brooch. Photo Backstage with Consuelo Melo. Photo Urbanbonescr Photo Luigilamphoto Photo Muss Muss Clothing  Beautiful Jessica González using… Continue reading

Díglö: New Handcrafted Jewelry Collection By Elha Joyería From Costa Rica.

Photo by Adriana Mendéz Photography Photo by Adriana Mendéz Photography Photo by Adriana Mendéz Photography Photo by Adriana Mendéz Photography Photo by Adriana Mendéz Photography Photo by Adriana Mendéz Photography Photo by Adriana… Continue reading

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