Blue sky

Hi! I couldn’t resist to take this beautiful morning view on my way to work|play. I live in Costa Rica, a small country where you have two oceans, many mountains, volcanoes, tropical forests,… Continue reading

Little fellow

Hi! Yesterday I took this little guy to Espacio Crudo, a really nice creative space and Austere’s brand house. This fellow is part of my new projects. This year I wanted a clean… Continue reading

Mother´s Day Mercado Tropical

Me at Mother´s Day Mercado Tropical enjoying life, work, fair days. My circle of life pendants, a selection available at Handmade at Amazon. Lovely customers at my stand. MOM pendant, a collaboration with… Continue reading


You’re in pretty good shape for the shape you are in. Dr. Seuss This are organic textured circle sterling silver pendants. You can find three options of this pendants in Handmade at Amazon… Continue reading

Mercado Tropical

Hi! In Costa Rica there is a fair named Mercado Tropical. Traditionally it is organized in December, for Christmas, but this year they organized one for Mother´s Day. Yesterday was Mother´s Day, August… Continue reading

Handmade at AMAZON

I´m really, really happy and scare to share with you that I´m at Handmade at AMAZON !!!!!!!!!!!! Because I live in a small country in Central America, if I ship from here my… Continue reading

Fancy Pearls

Hi! A few days ago, I had to do two fancy long pearl necklaces with a interchangeable pearl pendant. I love the look of both of them, they can be use everyday or… Continue reading

Tiny logos

Hi! Organic tiny elha´s logos on the bench, today they are part of my necklaces and bracelets. Today elha made a little growing step. Today I learned that I need to let my… Continue reading


Hi! I think of every single mom as a unique person, and also I think the pearls are unique. This August 15th here in Costa Rica we celebrate Mother´s Day. It is celebrated… Continue reading

Big Step

Hi! Recently I got accepted on #handmadeatamazon and that is a big step on my little entrepreneur. And this past week I prepared a shipment to Amazon. Because I´m in Costa Rica the… Continue reading

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