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Playing | Working

Working | Playing | Working When I work I play. I love my little heaven. This week its been a adventurous week. I had to work, the whole week, from my small spot… Continue reading

Malachite L O V E

Hi! Since I saw this green gemstone from the first time; I felt in L O V E. I really love how this custom order ended, a handwoven chain with a malachite and… Continue reading

You are you

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.”-Dr Seuss- Today is Sunday, a day you can be you. A day that is… Continue reading

A custom order delightful

How delightful is to make custom orders! This custom order is in 18k yellow gold with two sapphires and a diamond. I really enjoy pleasing a customer. I feel really happy when I… Continue reading


My little heaven on Earth! I love being in my Atelier/Studio/Workshop so many years already. Histories. Pieces. People involve. I feel good over there, time doesn’t exist. Today I read a quote that… Continue reading

Evolution Stage Earring Cards

Hi! Elha has new earrings cards! I got the prints on Friday, and I’m really happy with the result. Now, I got to get them ready: decide the height of the earrings on… Continue reading

A visitor

Hi! The other day while I was working a little blue visitor came by. Beautiful isn’t it?


Hi! Run Dani, Run… the first fair is this next weekend. It is part of the FID (Festival Internacional de Diseño), an International Design Festival. As part of the result of an etching… Continue reading


Fairs and more fairs, this 2014 will become the fair experience. Right now I´m feeling like Lola in Run Lola, Run. So many things to do. So many fairs to attend! My calendar… Continue reading


    W E L C O M E  D E C E M B E R!!!!! With December, L O V E came by! This time of the year is so joyful.… Continue reading

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