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Breath and just imagine!!!!

Oakley Plantation -Audubon Historic Site-

Hi! Yesterday we went for a short trip to Saint Francisville. It is a 45 minutes drive north to Baton Rouge. Over there, they have a few historic sites, plantations and much history.… Continue reading

Nice walk

Hi! Hope everybody is enjoying this Monday :)! It’s been such a relaxing days, this past ones. On Friday went for a walk through the LSU campus, they have such a nice campus.… Continue reading

Surroundings gifts

Hi! Finally my little vacations arrived :)!!! Arrived on Tuesday, and yesterday went for a long walk around the area. On the walk some little treasures appear and couldn’t resist to take them… Continue reading

Santa Teresa

  Hi!!!! Here is a nice view from the mountain in Santa Teresa beach. it is really hot over here. The landscape inspection went really well, it is a nice property with a… Continue reading

Nighty night

The view at this moment outside my window, San José in dry season just letting the sun go away!

Seed, flowers and grass…

Hi! One of this past days I had to visit a property near the city (landscaping work) and in this time of the year the view is so yellowish, colorful and sunny! Dry… Continue reading

The sky today

Hi! Well here in San José, Costa Rica the city is kind of messy so I love once in a while to look at the sky and breath for a moment, it is… Continue reading

Golfito, Zancudo & Puerto Jiménez

Photos near The Zancudo Lodge, at Golfito, Puerto Jiménez or Zancudo. Some things that pop out and I liked enough to take pictures jiji. Hope you enjoy them as much as me!

Tamarindo Beach

I been spending new years eve in Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica in a awesome place. Here I leave you with some pictures of it, hope you enjoy them!

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