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Natural stones

In love with the Natural Colors of the Stones!!!!!! How it is possible to the Earth to produce such beautiful colors, textures and materials! Mismatch earrings a must in every jewelry box!  

FIA (International Art Festival)

FIA; Every two years in Costa Rica we have the International Art Festival (Festival Internacional de las Artes). And in the year in between there is held a National Art Festival that changes… Continue reading


Thanks for buying handmade! Thanks for all the visits! Thanks for the nice words! Thanks you!!! daniella baltodano lapeira (506) 8830.5620 Photos: Online Shop: Facebook: Blog: You can… Continue reading

Espacios FID4 Fair

Hi! It’s been two days of fair, and it’s been fun. Nice organization, customers who appreciate handmade and friends who visit and chit chat have made this fair, so far, a really good… Continue reading


Work in progress, some handmade chain making.


I love my work! I feel like my little one, happy playing all day long and learning something new every minute. When you do jewelry, you have to face a process with so… Continue reading


Beautiful day in paradise! At last enjoying some days of vacations! Yesterday, I finished the last custom orders. Posting some of the piece’s pictures soon.


S T O P ! ! ! In very few words: breath and just be happy. It is good to be doing what you love, it is good to feel the sun in… Continue reading

It’s ok to have a quiet life

Hi! It’s that time where you get to that moment where the new cycle begins. Today I worked on a custom order. A order that I have to deliver on September. With this… Continue reading

Story Telling

Good Morning! My history? Your story? Every one has a story to tell… We are living creatures, we do things, we see things, hear noises, feel… and in every “ordinary” “simple” day we… Continue reading

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