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Working working working

This past weeks have been really busy! Have you ever feel like you have so many things to do and so little time!???? We are preparing a Collective Exhibition in Monteverde at the… Continue reading

It’s been a While

Teachers: Carles Codina & Jordi Costa Hi there!!!!! It’s been a while since my last written post! Since April everything has been kind of chaotic, which has made me in a non-productive mode… Continue reading

“Como para comérselas” or “As if to eat them”

This year I can tell I´m thankful, still in January and lots of work!!! People like what I do and that makes me smile.Thanks life for everything I have, I appreciated it and… Continue reading


On December I participated in a little fair in a store near by. I had so many things to do, but it is so much fun to do a fair, that I had… Continue reading


My roses on a friend´s hand! That makes me happy, really happy! Thank you Ani for loving this and using it!!!!!!!

Food vrs Jewelry?????

Collective Exhibition tomorrow!!!! running,…………………………….. “Como para comérselas” Jewelry vrs Food???? What do you think???? How can you mingle food and jewelry?????  

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