The Way It Feels, The Way It Makes You Feel: When You Wear Elha You Feel Good. Sterling Silver Jewelry Handmade In Costa Rica

Beautiful Eli, so confident about herself. Photo credits: Asulprusia and Eliechemendia.

Being a women in Latin-America can be harsh. To be confident and empowered, you have to be strong. Lately in Costa Rica you hear a lot of “noise” (news, stories, conversations one to one…) about that issue. I know is not a new thing, it has always been there. But now we talked about it, we see it in the news and we ask for solutions. The word that keeps popping up is Patriarchy. We need to change that.

I think women are unique, they have their way of being them. Through my art, I try to be me. I like the idea of making people feel good about themselves when they are accessorizing with my jewelry. To feel unique and tropical, to be empowered and feel awesome entering a room, to look at the ring and find comfort on that detail on their hand. Jewelry have a lot of meanings and history, it can also be inherited through out generations. It have such a energy and I work for that energy to be positive for everyone.