World Environment Day, Thoughts & Balance For My Handcrafted Jewelry Brand From Costa Rica


To be sustainable is to be trendy. But for Elha Joyería and me, Daniella Baltodano; to be sustainable has to be a way of life. It is not just in my decision making processes for my handcrafted jewelry brand, but the way I live my life. It is in our habits in the house, our daily decisions about plastic consumption, recycling, chemicals in the food, slow fashion consumption, trying to buy local, fair trade… and many other details that are part of the triple bottom line of ecological, social and financial processes in our life.

For my handcrafted jewelry brand to achieve to be a sustainable brand is to look for balance; by the definition: “sustainability brands additionally acknowledge the social dimension of providing products and services, opposed to the term green brands which mainly focuses on environmentally sound business practices. This entails, among others, health and safety issues resulting from direct or indirect product use (consumption level) as well as the conditions under which a particular product is produced (production level). The physical protection and well-being of people at work are important indicators of sustainability brands and sustainability marketing in general which adheres to the triple bottom line of ecological (environmental), social (equity), and financial (economic) sustainability.”

Balance, what a powerful word. Balance in our financial life, balance in our environment, balance in our social impact. Communication and knowledge are the key. You need to ask questions, you need to communicate your information. As a jewelry maker I try to reuse materials, shop local, pay fair prices, look for the green label on the products I shop, if I have to import materials I try to buy bulks (many things at once, to ask friends if they need something, to reduce our carbon footprint in one package)… and a few others. I haven´t communicate a lot about this, and I think is about time you know, even though in Latinamerica it is hard to track within the supply chains, at least I try to ask questions and track the supply chain. I know is a jump of faith. But you have to start somewhere. By asking questions you make people think about it. By communicating you let people know what to ask for. I´m a biologist, it is in my academic heart all this. I´m a human being living in the Earth, it is in my heart to care about the environment.