Bespoke: Knitting Love By Elha, Costa Rica.


I´m going to start a section of Bespoke Jewels by Elha. Bespoke -past of bespeak– that means: Goods Made To Order. The brand have its own Jewels for sale, but it also have a section of custom made. We believe in creating jewels for the wearer and sometimes the user have some special needs. We design and make them with love and without loosing our Organic Geometry Jewelry Concept that characterizes us.

This rings were design thinking in the love for weaving. Walter, her husband, wanted to surprise her with the engagement ring and wedding rings. He asked for some rings that resemblance her passion: to knit. We talked about it and we got to the idea of making braids. I did three braid rings out of 14k white gold, one with a 5 mm VVS natural white sapphire. His braid ring has 7 wires, and her braid rings have 5 wire intertwined, in each ring. They were made using the lost wax traditional jewelry making technique.

Encargo-Walter Benavides2

With Love, Daniella