Time Flies When You Are Busy Running Your Small Handcrafted Jewelry Business



Photo by Laura Pardo Photography.


After a long while, I have the time and motivation to write here. It has happened a lot since last time I wrote. First of all, I´ve learned so many things. I learn that sometimes you have to do your things, like your own website. In this past year two times I commissioned my eCommerce site, and two times got nothing in exchange. That is why I think Etsy platform is marvelous, you can do it yourself. My jewels will be posted there form now on. Also this blog, WordPress let´s the entrepreneurs learn and built their community form first hand, the entrepreneur. I need to keep learning and growing here. After a year, I´m starting again at my own pace.

My logo got the lift of a Graphic Designer intervention. I´m really happy with the result.

Logo negro

Now, I´m working on the branding. I would like the it reflects my jewels, design inspiration and my way of life.

I got into the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week at San José, Costa Rica in two Runways. One was a Collective with 4 looks of my own Collection Entropía. In the other I accessorized a whole runway of a tailoring for women clothing brand, named Muss Muss. Later on I will be sharing more about this events.

I did a few local fairs.


I learn more about Slow Fashion, since I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Master in Landscaping Architecture, I think we need to combine design with conservation. I need to keep learning, and looking for this balance, SUSTAINABILITY.

I hope we will be in touch around here more often. Dani