Three Weeks Later, Running a Handcrafted Jewelry Business and Being a Mom


Three weeks later, of course, I´m still a Mom (hopefully that will be forever and ever) and Ï´m still running my Elha Handcrafted Jewelry Bussiness.

But, today I feel more calm, having some time by my own is so important. I guess all Moms are different, in my case, I need to rest a little bit through the day to grave some fresh air and remember I´m an adult with a handcrafted jewelry project.

Next weekend I will be at Espacios FID, at Casa del Cuño (Antigua Aduana, San José , Costa Rica). I´m glad and working hard on some new jewels for you. My little one is helping me with whatever she wants to do and can do. All the jewelry we are doing is made out of LOVE, we hope you enjoy the result as much we enjoy the process.

Elha´s Handcrafted Jewelry stand will be at the second floor, #41. You are welcome to visit and enjoy this beautiful fair.