Being a Mom & Running a Handcrafted Jewelry Business from Costa Rica



I´m so happy to be a mom of such a wonderful little one! I´m so happy of having my own little entrepreneurship. Both of them are such big adventures! And I´m seeing my little one grow.

But days like this days, I can say I´m tired. She is still on vacations so my work time has been reduce between little one´s various questions. I have to concentrated quickly, work efficiently, and do all kind and sort of lists, so I wont forget a thing!  I´m doing my best as a working mom. Because, lets not forget I have to play hide-and-go seek, cook delicious recipes to feed a 4 year old (if you are going to spend your valuable time cooking -which I enjoy- at least lets make it worth it), try all kind of experiments with paints, plant in the garden, do the daily errands… But don´t get me wrong I´m happy, is just time goes SO FAST I can´t believe it, today is almost over. Just one more meal, some work and to bed.

Hopefully next week we start a new more efficient routine.