Elha´s Handcrafted Jewelry as a Souvenir from Costa Rica



Many people come to Costa Rica for vacations. It is a beautiful small country in Cental America. We have many National Parks you can visit, with tropical forests, beaches, mountains, volcanoes,… and so many things you can enjoy from Nature. We have gorgeous relaxing hotels, from luxurious to the ones that camouflage with the surroundings.

We, also, have many local artists you can buy their art form as a souvenir. My handcrafted jewelry, Elha, can be found at De Aquí y De Allá, a local design store in the East side of the city of San José; in Los Yoses, San Pedro de Montes de Oca, Costa Rica. I can assure you it is a long lasting wonderful souvenir. Elha has it own concept, Organic Geometry, which mingles between what a tropical paradise can give us (textures, organic forms,…) and what can landscape studies can give us (geometric forms, perspective, “windows”,…); it the perfect balance between free form and a formal study. It is Organic Geometry; a reflection of this beautiful country.