Christmas Delight with my Handcrafted Jewelry | Elha



It smells like Christmas, it feels like Christmas; we are in Christmas! I love the happiness people live in Christmas. The music is so joyful. The meetings with friends and family spreads love. My handcrafted jewelry, Elha, is made out of love. Please, think in handcrafted when you shop for those special gifts.

We are small entrepreneurs making a living out of our passions; trying to be socially responsible, making things that endure through time -Slow Fashion-, so our Earth is no so battered when they extract all those materials for short term objects -Fast Fashion-.

You can find Elha´s jewelry at:

  1. Handmade at Amazon
  2. Etsy
  3. De Aquí y De Allá
  4. Espacio Crudo
  5. With me! Remember if you contact me I can do some bespoke jewelry. For information +(506)88305620 or