Jewelry Traveling Pouches + Cleaning Flannel | Elha´s Complementary Products


Photo: Tiny Jewelry Traveling Natural Leather Gray Pouch + White Coin Pearl Earrings + Sterling Silver Octahendron Pendant.


Photo: Traveling Jewelry White Natural Leather Pouch + rough garnet sterling silver earrings + sterling silver little figures earrings + cherry blossom sterling silver ear cuffs + white coin peals studs + Guatemalan jade & peridot sterling silver ring + sterling silver nests ring + calcedony ring


Photo: Traveling Jewelry White Natural Leather Pouch


Photo: Jade & peridot sterling silver ring + calcedony ring + sterling silver nest ring + tiny jewelry cleaning flannel


Hope you are all fine this Saturday, after a Black Friday.

This are Elha´s complementary products. They are perfect if you want to travel this Christmas and End of Year Season and bring along your festive jewelry. They are made out of natural leather, I have tiny ones in gray and medium size with different compartments in white. If you plan to give some jewelry for that special one, they are the perfect paired gift. Also I have mini cleaning flannels so you have your jewelry in perfect shape for that memorable evening.