Espacios FID

Foto Espacios FID3

Handwoven silver bracelet with an aragonite pendant.

Foto Espacios FID2

Rings: faceted with engraved lines ring, dripped in silver amethyst ring and dripped in brass ring, half moon midi ring with black swarovski, hexagonal sterling silver stamp ring.

Foto Espacios FID4

Rings and books, you never have enough of both.


This past week was the FID event. A three day International Design Festival, were people from around the world share their histories. With the FID event there is Espacios FID a design fair where elha was participating. I love this event. Is a beautiful event where you have a great time chit chatting with the visitors, see beautiful objects all around, eat and drink delicious, and really have a good time.

With that said, I wanted to thank everyone who gave us their support by buying local things. We really appreciate you for spending your money in our projects, ideas and passion. Everything I made have a little piece of my heart in it.

And remember you can find elha´s pieces at Espacio Crudo, deaquí y deallá, espacio and at the lobby store in the MADC.