Childhood Memories

ermita de la agonía1

Photo: Ermita de la Agonía, Liberia, Guanacaste.

Guanacaste is that place that brings me the feeling of childhood, I live there for some years. The feel of that sun in my skin. The smell of the wind blowing by. The places I can see around me. The people I hug and say hi. A fun, beautiful and traditional place. I recommend for everyone for once in their life time to visit Liberia, Guanacaste; specially in a time like this weekend. This weekend are the “Fiestas Cívicas” of Liberia. I wanted to go, but couldn’t organized myself to do so. They have so many traditional and party like, activities. “Topes” every day, the “El tope de caballistas” yesterday night, “toros” where they have to “play” with the bull, not hurt them; the “dianas” an early morning parade,… and so many more.

Do you have places that brings those memories to you?