Talk to the Hand

elha invitaciónLast Saturday elha had an event at ESPACIO CRUDO, the event was a tiny hand runway called: Talk to the hand. Espacio Crudo is a space that held art, design and really good energy in a historic house in San Pedro de Montes de Oca, San José, Costa Rica.

For the runway the girls of Espacio Crudo made a model of the real house out of paper marche. It was awesome!

talk to the hand3Photo by Fabulous.

For the jewelry pieces I made for the runway, I used the concept of organic geometry based on the structure of the natural crystallization of the gemstones. I love the way they are natural created and the way they look.

talk to the hand2Photo and concrete plates by to the handPhoto and concrete plates by DDomingo.

I love how the hand runway work! The pieces held by the hand felt so touchable and intrinsic of the wearable world.

talk to the hand5Photo by Fabulous. talk to the hand4Photo by Fabulous.

Talk to the hand6Photo by Paire Rose.

I was and I’m really pleased with the event. The first event for elha; the first of many I hope.

Talk to the hand