Adjustable Half Moon Bracelets

puntos 3 todas2Hi!

These bracelets are really a beautiful detail for you. They are adjustable half moon bracelets with mismatch engravings. The bracelets were made by the lost wax process and were engraved in the wax, before the casting.

I’ve been working on my collections for this upcoming December. I know I want to produce these three:

  1. Arthropoda: a collection inspired in the insect world. Printmaking and jewelry techniques will be joined to produce a more artistic approach of my pieces.
  2.  Geometric: a collection inspired on the edges and forms of the gemstones. Simple lines, patterns engravings: contemporary minimalistic.
  3. Organic: a collection inspired in the awkward perfection of the nature forms. Entropy. Colorful.

Of course with me been the artist, maker and designer; all the pieces will follow each other and connect the different collections through different approaches.