Fluorite Pendant

Fluorita2Good Saturday!

Life is good, this has been a great year already. I’m really happy that as an artist I’m been working, playing and enjoying my work. I can tell that, as you probably know, I L O V E what I do. I already have tons of work to do, and I’m really happy about that.

This is a fluorite pendant, more “geometría chueca”. Fluorite is a multidimensional stone. Fluorite’s crystalline hexoctadedral structure is the most symmetrical geometric solid possible in three dimensional space. In a more energetically aspect the fluorite is call “The Gemstone of Discernment” is a powerful crystal for producing order and stabilization in all the realms of the being. Both, crystal are aesthetically beautiful and powerful amulets.

FluoritaAs for the technique used in this piece, I’m going back to the Indigenous roots, L O S T  W A X. Working with wax is fun! And also returning back when they teach about the color theory, mixing colors and using them make the world more loving bright.