Espacios D14

10521986_867569146594763_2228791622311838149_nAnd the fairs stage begun! Last weekend was the first fair of the season. It was a beautiful fair in a gorgeous location. It was at the Contemporary Art and Design Museum (MADC). It is an old building where they used to prepared the liqueurs from Costa Rica, so the fair was at the old “pila de la melaza” (Stack molasses).

It was the last Art City tour. The Art City tour are “organized by GAM Cultural, the Art City Tour is designed to showcase the arts and culture in San José — for free. Not only could patrons enter upscale museums without spending a single colón, they could also hop aboard a complementary shuttle and ride from gallery to museum to arts center in minutes. In a city much disparaged by tourists and Ticos alike, this open house — held every two months — reminds residents just how creative and dynamic their capital can be.” Tico Times Newsletter

For this fair season I’m using plants as decoration, mingling my landscape passion with my jewelry; as you can see in the photo. Maybe I will keep using plants as the scenario for my pieces, kind of like the look!