Ring ring + rings

DSC_1920Silver, you can personalized this ring by engraving something on the top ;).

DSC_1941Silver, a little detail to your hand.

DSC_1924Silver, the queen´s crown.

DSC_1965Silver, a chunky one.

DSC_1950Silver + lazuli, an ethnic and night inspiration.

DSC_2018Silver + zircon, stokes.

DSC_1988Silver + 18k gold, strokes.

DSC_1997Silver, strokes.

DSC_2067Silver, facets.


Silver, facets.

Ring ring + rings! They are all silver rings. I really love what I do!!! These are an example of the “fair pieces” I made in the past months. I’m still working and playing a L O T. Hope to have those desire vacations soon!!!!!