FIA (International Art Festival)

FIA; Every two years in Costa Rica we have the International Art Festival (Festival Internacional de las Artes). And in the year in between there is held a National Art Festival that changes it location in the countryside. This 2014 we had the International one in the Sabana Park, as always.

IMG_0241I participated with some friends in a stand. We had handmade candles, soap, scarfs, little green pets, more jewelry and me also with jewelry. It was crazy! It was an eternal fair, 10 days of an 12 hour schedule, I ended really tired. But it was worth it in so many levels. I learn a lot, I´m sure I´m not the same jeweler before and after! I learn about massive production, being fast, clean design, wanting to make things better, that my line of design is really geometric with an organic touch, I called it: “geometría chueca”; that I want a stand with the IKEA concept, something you can move along with you.


This was my stand, love the party string lights that I got! Need to change the height of the glass over the furniture, a shorter one will fit much better.






This is the neighborhood of our stand. They really pull out great lighting this time. Enjoy the eucalyptus trees around us and all their hanging sculptures.







And here are some of the pieces that were display and on sale. Hope you enjoy them!