Life as a Jeweler

2014 will become the beginning of life as a jeweler. So many things ahead! The past months were quite full, thanks to the universe a lot of work was done and happily delivered. Here are some examples:




DSC_0768This pieces represent L O V E. This are wedding bands or engagement rings, all of them were made out of 14k white gold with natural stones like: conflict free diamonds or sri lanka sapphire. I love that on December everything smells peace and warmth. This was the December’s Gold Collection of 2013.

Now on January, it is a new start, a new cycle that comes along with many projects and work to be done. So many expectations and changes in the near future that is kind of frightening sometimes. For the moment, elha is participating in two B I G fairs and continue making more pieces for the Gold Collection. Talking with a friend who has participated before on this fairs, she says that we have to prepared around 300-400 fair pieces, plooooooooooooop! This will be the Fair Collection of 2014, little jewelry gifts for yourself. So back to work, playing and enjoying the worshop.

Writing about family, the little one is 1 YEAR OLD!!! She is no longer a baby! Right now love her giggling. Hopefully my husband is finishing his Phd program this year. At last we are going to live in the same geographic place YEY, where ever that will be.