How to brand yourself? That’s a important question! Branding not only reflects how your brand looks and defines; because, I’m an artist, doing some handmade, it reflects who I am.

For starters like me you suppose to define yourself in 4 words, how hard!!! The resume is: that your brand had to be described in those 4 words, hmmmmmmmmmmmm. My brand, is me! 4 words…

After doing this exercise of choosing 20 words that describes me and my products, analyzing them; choosing only 10 of them, analyzing them; and choosing from those 10, only 4 that describes as a whole myself, my products and what I aspire as an artist to project to the world GOT MY 4 WORDS. Wonderful! I’m happy with them. Every each one of them has a little part of me in their significance.

1-“Bohemian” a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts.

2-“Eclectic” it is the process of the synthesis and/or entropy of arts.

3-“Magical” as a social phenomenon, akin to religion and science, but yet a distinct category.

4-“Chic” meaning stylish or smart, an element of fashion.

So there you have them: Bohemian Eclectic Magical Chic.