Slow Motion


cafeCoffee at the working table!!! On the past days read an article that was written about: When did busy-ness became fashionable?

Now a days, when we talked to someone who is working and we ask: How is business going? They tend to respond: Is doing great, I’m so busy right now! When did being busy became the trend of doing great? Why do we think that we don’t have to have some pleasure time? Meditation and relaxation should be part of everybody.

Slow motion… I just wanted to remind myself how important is to breath and enjoy the ride. Enjoy your work doing on your own rhythm. Play with it. Be responsible, but don’t forget why you started doing the first time.

To slow down in this rapid walking world is hard! To be there in the precise moment, with the exact decision takes time. I don’t know about you? But I’m sure I like to enjoy my decisions, my path, my life; I’m guessing all the people do; and that takes time. We sometimes live like we don’t have time, and everyday you are living you have 24 hours, to rest, to create, to eat, to play, to work, to enjoy,… you just have to learn to divided that amount of time in all that. Hard isn’t it? I’m an artist so sometimes I just want to create and create, and to stop myself and just breath and do the rest, makes me feel guilty.

So after all this babbling,.. I can get to the conclusion of: Breath, enjoy the ride in a slow motion mode and be responsible with your life. Your life is a whole.