It’s ok to have a quiet life


It’s that time where you get to that moment where the new cycle begins. Today I worked on a custom order. A order that I have to deliver on September. With this order I feel everything is going to a new place. New energies. New people. New projects. I want a quite life. A place to call home with my little family living happy, my little workshop on a very productive and positive way, my own big huge -jijijijiji asking the universe for it!- garden with growing spices and vegetables.

But don’t you sometimes feel that: before everything is smooth, YOU HAVE TO WORK SO HARD! Today I kind of sacrifice to chat with my friends. Every Saturday I go to this workshop, Escuela Crisol, with some friends. And we have this ritual of “El Desayuno” -The Breakfast-. It is Saturday morning, so we bring something to eat, make some coffee and have a long break while we talk about us or things. We laugh, we help each other, we are friends. But today I had to work. I need to work on so many pieces. If I want this to work, I need to have some stock. December is around the corner you know… gifts for friends, gifts for family, gifts for yourself for life. Jewelry is one thing you can inherit. I love  that some pieces have printed all around the family energy, they can become a family tradition. Like the pearl necklace you inherit from your great grandmother or that engagement ring that has pass through many generations. I think that is one of the: why?, I became a jeweler; some pieces will be loved through the time.