Flower Power



Flower power how feminine that sounds; also kind of hippie! But today nature is calling.

We have had a different kind of weekend. How wonderful is to get out of your comfort zone. To do things differently and to choose to smile about it. Yesterday we went out to a little organic farmers market to buy some good quality tasty bread. How peaceful is to let go things and breath! Sometimes we want to do so much. But what your energy needs is to breath and rest for a little bit to let things flow. Right now I’m so T H A N K F U L with a friend who helped in a little emergency, that was getting me on the edge! Life can be hard sometimes!

Slow motion, slow motion,.. should be the way we live! We should enjoy work. We should be playing while working. We should be able to cook a nice meal at our house and enjoy our house! We should be enjoying our life.

Those little flower pendants represent L I F E! To stop and smell the roses, to have that red dot of craziness and the calming sound of the ocean that relax your being.