Saint John’s little summer


DSC_0025 (2)



Sunshine, wind, birds,… a little summer in paradise. This past days we’ve had a little summer in our rainy season. It’s quite common. We call it “el veranillo de San Juan”, -Saint Johns little summer-. Every year in the middle of the rainy season we have some days without rain; and are quite hot and sunny. It is a rest from the watery and humidity, rainy season brings to the tropics! For that reason, I could take the pictures of several pieces in the afternoon. The light was just perfect, it wasn’t to yellowish nor too bright. I know I need to learn a lot about photography, but I think my pictures are kind of decent. What do you think? Do I need to improve something in particular? This are some of the pieces I’m uploading to my little shop at Etsy. Right now and for the entire month of July I will have a sale. Enter the code “raindrop” in the Esty shop to get a 20% discount. Hope you enjoy the pictures and the pieces they were made with L O V E.