Country Side


Here are some pictures of our country side trip. It was so relaxing. Hope you enjoy the amateur pictures.

DSC_0218Minimi and me looking at a horse for the first time.

DSC_0252Country side houses, love the colors people use. It contrast with all the green.

DSC_0258The carriage’s horse. She lost her brother two months ago, now she is the only one that pulls the carriage, that was a sad story :(!

DSC_0271A bridge for people to cross. The metal structure contrast with all the nature around it.


DSC_0285The mountains around us.

DSC_0286A little one on a balcony watching us.

DSC_0290The hotel house, beautiful landscape and house. It was so warming.

DSC_0295The carriage.

DSC_0301Golden oriole’s nests.