The R I N G





At last one of the engagement rings I’ve worked. This has the infinite love written all around it. This wonderful patient guy gave this beautiful white gold with 3 little good quality white diamonds and 1 black rose cut diamond. So that you know, small diamonds are conflict FREE ones :)! Also black diamonds. Because of the price they aren’t part of the diamond war we know is occurring in some parts of the world. So this ring goes with all the requiring peace and love.

I’m really enjoying doing engagement rings!!!! They are so good quality jewelry and have so good energy! I love the idea the surrounds them. Here some history on the R I N G!:

The E N G A G E M E N T  R I N G respect to the materials of manufacturing, the first rings found were made of iron, bronze, leather, wood and cane. The latter two were the most used materials in the Middle Ages, due to the limited resources of the population.  The gold was reserved for the wealthiest families. Also, embedding gemstones, such as diamonds, appear with the emergence of trade in art objects. The diamond ring is the one that has gained a greater role in the wealthier classes for the legend that revolved around this stone; since, ancient times it was said that this stone scintillation was due to the fires of L O V E that were trapped in them by a alchemist.

Curious are also some superstitions that surround the engagement ring: like they said brides have no desire to get a ring of pearls, it is said that brings tears during the marriage. And of course, there was the fatal harbinger of the loss of the ring, resulting in the decline of marriage.

Right now I’m working on another one. So much love around! To do custom jewelry, to sit down with the boyfriend and to design the ring is a journey of love. Definitely love is in the air.