Finally,… the working table!


Hope you all are having a wonderful Friday night! At least today I cooked something tasty for me jiji. I put in the oven a pita bread with zucchini, fresh mushroom, 3 types of cheese and salami for 20 minutes and sat down with a cold beer (a Segua) to ate. Uffff I needed that!

Before my meal I can tell you that, finally my new workbench for my apartment, arrived to the apartment! I´m so happy!!!! Now,  I also have a station at the apartment, is a new beginning.

So many things have happened this past two weeks! Sooo many things, that I looked back and I don´t believe it has been so short! A love one started his ride to the universe, my husband came, started a white gold engagement ring with a black diamond and 3 white little diamonds (pictures as soon as the girlfriend gets her ring ;)!!!!), had a photo shoot for profile pictures with Leo Carvajal, Lía got sick, spent time with my husband (trying to be patient with the universe and happy with our geographic situation) participated in a open house with my casual jewelry, my husband went back, started working until 4 pm as a landscape architect for a month or so, got sick for the third time in three weeks, went to the control pediatric date with Lía and celebrated that Lía turned 5 months today!

And guess what jiji I want some vacations! But, I think that for the moment, sitting in my new workbench and play with tools, metals and others will be my mini vacation. I will breath and enjoy every second of them!

Pictures of the workbench below.