196422_204505542901130_5502091_nMy workshop at my grandmas house, a little mess with everything on hand!

I enjoy to work at my workshop! It is that moment when you are with you. Where you can meditate and let your inner person out, to create in this tangible world what´s in your being.

I enjoy to be at my workshop! It reminds me that we can still be a child. Where you can play with your tools/toys and use your imagination as you please.

I enjoy my hobby/second job very much and I will work to have a little workshop here at my home. I hope to have the chance to play with my toys, while Lía is playing with hers at my side. I hope to be a good mom and a good artist as well. So a little workshop in the house is one of the many projects I have listed :)! Wish me luck!!!!