March Oh March !

27feb13 010Hi!

Oh my wonderful March… With March came a few changes. On Wednesday I started working again, part time though, just in the mornings. To leave my beautiful little mini girl on a day care center was kind of bizarre, it make me think on the society human kind has built. I have to leave to work to provide her with the necessary; a house, food, education, health care,… and to fulfill myself as a women who can take care of her by herself. I know those are necessities to live the way we are used to. But in contradistinction where is the family time? When I was young, I lived in a rural part of Costa Rica, where time didn’t fly away, you could spend time with the family and have at walk distance all your errands. Sometimes I missed that, to be in a place where your time is really value, where you don’t have to pass 2 hours of your short 24 hours day in a traffic jam, where your family and friends are your neighbors.Society has grown a way you feel you are running all the time behind something. You see a lot of people so stress, not happy, spending their days in a way you see they don’t value that, that precise day was unique, one of a kind,.. a day in their life it wont come back!

Well I guess all that melancholic thinking is because I have to leave my little mini girl in good hands, but strange ones.