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Life… what is life? How can anybody define what is it. The only thing you know is that somehow it starts and somehow it ends. Once I read a proverb that said: “Only three things in life are certain birth, death and change.” Birth brings a big change, a joyful change, a baby in a family is a new member that you start to include in everyday routine.You experience the joy of seeing him or her at all the stages of growing until death. And, on the other hand, death is also a big change; it takes out a member of a family. You experience the sadness of missing that person and knowing that person is also missing new experiences to share with you in your life. It is hard, both are hard times, you have to internalized and make them your new reality. But, death… how as social human beings can you stay calm? How as loving human beings can stay happy on those times… you just know that, that person live his or her life, had his or her time and it was time to leave.

Destiny… you live until you have to? Is it written… Does your life come to an end when it has to? It is hard to accept this, at least as I see it. But I think is true. You will be crossing to the other side (what ever that means) when you have to, not before nor later. So as I’ve been talking the present being is what you got. Breathing today, being today, loving today, right now is what you have to fulfill. For the moment I will try to enjoy my little moments in every aspect of my life. In the picture we are at the beach of Playa Hermosa, Guanacaste, Lía’s first time near the sea.