Baton Rouge Little Friends








Here are some pictures of the inspirational little friends I’ve made in the window. Being quiet and calm makes you think. You think about life, present being, tomorrows, projects, family, love one, daughter, future… but as some say and live by… the most important thing is the present. I have been thinking a lot. And today I know, I don’t know anything and I think is much better this way. Meditate, listen and breath are some of the words you have to repeat yourself to live by the present. How can you put so many effort in the future, when you don’t know how much future you have left? You know what you like, what you don’t like, what would you like be doing,… and etc, and it is important to work for yourself, to accomplish all the goals you have in life. But it is also important to go with the flow.

I know I L O V E doing jewelry and my whole life, I don’t regret anything. Do you regret something in your life? That is a big question!…

As a creative woman I want to accomplish my goals and projects, and everyday I have more projects. I know I have and need to work on them so I can see some results, but I also think today is a good day to stop and “meditate, listen and breath” so for all of you, today gave yourself a few minutes to relax!