W A N D E R L U S T… how wonderful is to explore the world! On Wednesday, I traveled to Baton Rouge again. When I travel, I realized how wondrous is to be in new places. Even though I’ve here many times. I always discover new things, new little spots,… that I will enjoy while I’m here. On this trip my stay will be kind of “cold” -as a tropical girl-, the temperature will fluctuate something from 02 C at dawn to 22 C at noon. This will make the trip a more homely one. Also I traveled with the newest lovely little girly member of the family, my little daughter. If you ask, how did we did? Well it was smooth, she didn’t cry much, two or three kind-of-yells :)!!!! We even got congratulations on her behavior!!! Well that makes me happy and the other passengers too. Not that she needed the approval of other people, but if everyone is happy we have a better environment.

My jewelry assignment for trip is to fill a small sketch book. To think of new collections and ideas for new jewelry to be made. I already have in my head new things I want to study in my workshop, and to draw the ideas is a way of not to loose them in the air. Hopefully it will become a nice sketch book, is kind of small and I have time to dedicate to the drawing while I’m here.  When I go back home I will post an image of some of the results. For the moment in this days I will be posting photos of the surroundings of Baton Rouge.