Lighting station

Lighting station


My little lighting station next to a window with white curtains. The white curtains help me diminish the yellowish of the natural light here in Costa Rica. At last the photos I took are OK to upload to Etsy,… I will be updating the shop on this days.

Lía is doing just fine, we’ve been learning from each other. She is almost a month old right now. It is magical to see how fast they grow, she follow me with her eyes and recognize our voice!

Today got good news :)!!! People want the Introductory Enamel course again this year, and also another one a little bit more advance (experimenting a little bit more) for the people who took the Introductory one last year. So as time flies,… I need to organize those dates and the program of the courses. Hopefully the courses will be program for some date on March, 2013.