Lighting Tests

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Never give up on your dreams! So I´m working on mine. As I told you I´ve been taking pictures of the jewelry I had standing by. I´ve been testing a new lens to the camera and the light around the new apartment. I found that next to the window in my bedroom is the best place to take pictures! I have a white transparent curtain that lets the light in the afternoon come in, in the perfect way.

Now, I need to find a table or something to put next to the window with its height, and a matte black background so I can take the pictures to put on the shop. I like a lot how the black background works with the kind of light around here. Here in Costa Rica the light is more yellowish than the light in the northern or southern part of the world. I want to upload at least some decent pictures of the pieces.

Hopefully by this little steps someday I will get where I wanted to be. I need to pursue my dreams and of course work on them. So I will take the pictures, upload them to my Etsy shop, work on some sketches and organize myself with my little one ;)! For the moment I need to breath for at least two months and remember to be on my present… with my baby girl! After all, she will be a new born for a short time.