New Year, New Projects

Little ChickenHi there!

It´s been a long while…… And it´s been a long way…….

Sometimes you think you have yourself figure out. You have goals, projects, a vision of where you are going to…..but the universe thinks otherwise and everything have to change. SERENDIPITY! Of course, the changes can be in a positive good wonderful way!!!!

In about 1 month I move out of my apartment, welcome my boyfriend, got married and have a beautiful baby girl!!! WOW I look behind and have to breath a little bit!!! At my old house some thieves took what they wanted for the second time in 3 years!!! Oh Latin America sometimes have its negative side.  Even though it was in a nice neighborhood, it was in a lonely street. So… in a week with 36 weeks of pregnancy found an apartment, rent it and move in! Got married two weeks later. That was a really happy moment!!!! And 3 days after that, my beautiful (jijiji I know I´m her mom she is gorgeous to me!) baby girl was born. Of course in the mean time, had a lot of projects and orders of my workshop for December. Custom orders as presents to the love ones!!!

After all that, the recovery of the C-section and the adjustments and learning process of how to feed a child, change a diaper, knowing when she is not comfortable and when is just her way of calling us,… being “chineada” as we say in Spanish,… I have the energy to think again in the future projects! It is clear I haven’t stop learning,.. with a child I think you never stop learning…

Today I started taking pictures of the jewelry I had there standing by, to eventually list them in my Etsy.  It´s a start and that feels good!!!! I want to try to be a good mother but also to be a women of my own!

Well that´s it for now! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!