Day Dreaming


Sometimes I feel like my dreams pass me by the side saying: “Hello!” and “Good bye!” Time goes so fast this days!!!!! Looking to the sky and imaging what it would be, have been a nice practice this days. I believe that if you think of nice and positive things, you will catch that good energy into your life and your future will be fill only of good things.

My pregnancy is on the 31 week, out of 40 (for those like me in the past, who don’t know). I´m happy and now I can imagine her as a baby girl, that sooner or later hopefully will be, in my arms. I love the idea of her asking me for jewelry jijiji, of course, I will try to please those requests if they are in my power. Little girl´s jewelry have been something I love to do, it is so playful and have such a big smile as a reward! Right now, for Lía (that´s her name!!!) the project I´m working on is a drawer for her room. I want it to be made out of wood with a simple line of design. I want it to be her first piece of furniture.

In my workshop I need to close so many projects!!! With so little time plooooop, I need 48 hours instead of 24! I have plan to finish the custom orders this week, so I can concentrate on the pieces I want to make for December. December is always crazy, and this year I want to plan ahead and have various pieces you can choose from, instead of doing custom pieces and running around. If you make the math, Lía is plan to be born on December, around Christmas, I never expected this wonderful gift a new life with a little of me. Of course, I’m a little (a lot!) nervous about it jiji.

Well, I will be posting some pictures of the pieces I’m working on this days.