Monteverde Collective Exhibition

Last Saturday I participated in a collective exhibition at the “Hotel Belmar” in Monteverde, Costa Rica. Here some pictures of the night process.

The people of Monteverde loved it and we got so many beautiful words from them, I don’t know how to thank them all! My birds hanged from the ceiling, Fiorella’s mermaids and hybrid fantastic animals swam in little forest scenarios, Julieta’s flowers dance in the “chicas”, Jimena’s amulets stand in a passion red table for you to get their magical touch and Melina’s rocks mingle with the red forest. Everything went smooth, artistic and peaceful.

Monteverde is such a beautiful place that being there was a vacation. The first picture shows the view from the bedroom I got. Gorgeous isn’t it????? I need to go there more offen!!!!! and of course recommend you guys to go there for a vacation!

Hope for you a wonderful weekend. For me this weekend is about playing with my new projects on the workshop and resting! Soon some professional pictures of the pieces I had on the exhibition ;)!