It’s been a While

Teachers: Carles Codina & Jordi Costa

Hi there!!!!!

It’s been a while since my last written post! Since April everything has been kind of chaotic, which has made me in a non-productive mode and more in a learning mode. I’ve been trying to absorb and reconstruct everything in my new life. The news are I’m becoming a mom, in a surprise beautiful way! But those news, as for many women, make me think in a existentialism way.

For the present being, yesterday, finished a course I was going (well I have a full time job, so went to the classes for two hours a day). It was a really intensive conceptual/design/image talks with Carles Codina; a really well world wide recognize jeweler, designer and teacher from Barcelona, Spain. My mind is trying to assimilate the little I heard, it was awesome.The other teacher around was Jordi Costa, my jewelry teacher and owner of Escuela Crisol also from Barcelona, Spain. With him I’m learning the real jewelry way!!!!!

Well hope for everybody a really nice weekend.