The 10 secrets to transmute negative karma

I found this list from the site: “Balance and Life” this morning. Found it and I thought it could help our soul in the search of peace and happiness, real honest happiness. With the rushing of everyone to accomplish all the goals society has established, sometimes we forget to hear our own voice.  I wanted to share this list with you; maybe because if I write down and yell it to all of you, is a way to transmute my negative karma into something beautiful!  Here they are the items:

1. – Learn to be silent in times of greatest turbulence. (How hard sometimes this is, don’t you think? just to remain silent, and let all that turbulence go by ourselves, just to wait for the sun come out).

2. – Avoid judging others. (I have perceive that I need to be more humble, I want some things -actions, life style- and when someone has that, I’m a little jealous jiji, I know that is wrong, I need to concentrate in myself and my energies, not compare and judge others, from now on I’m trying to be happy, really happy for the people that has accomplish those goals, because they are, as me, working on their happiness).

3. – Focus your attention on the things you like. (WOW letting go all the noise around us is important, as in #1 our own voice is important!)

4. – Be still, don’t fight in vain (remember it is only a test). (Our life is only transient, one little moment at the time, lets get the best of them! I will try)

5. – Have hope, which looks real bad is only thought a figment of your imagination. Change it! (Sometimes you can’t change things, jijiji, but then you can do the best you can with what you have. Of course if I can change, I will try ;)! much better to try to change what is bad, than conform).

6. – Forgive, loose and free yourself. (Nothing to add to this, I will try to forgive my errors and free my own voice).

7. – Always speak positively. (Here we have a saying, the glass can be seen has half full or half empty, this is not a perfect world so, I prefer to look at it as half full, what is empty is not there so is not worth it to worry about it).

8. – Meditate at least twice daily (5 minutes would be a very good start. (OH OH OH in the morning and before going to sleep, wonderful!).

9. – Visualize pleasant situations for you and all your loved ones. (Keep the image of where you want to get! If I don’t have this, how those my soul will know where to get????).

10. – Give Love no matter what you receive. (The pleasure of giving is so important, it satisfies me so much :D!)

Painting: Ana Eugnia’s Fernandez Dengo contact her if you want one! They are  beautiful mandalas to look at.